Subscriptions to the Vienna State Opera

  • What is a subscription?

    A subscription to the Vienna State Opera includes five performances (usually four operas and one ballet) on a weekday of your choice (except Saturdays) and seating subject to availability. The five performances are spread over the entire season.

  • What is the advantage of a subscription?

    With a subscription, you enjoy five performances at the Vienna State Opera in a seat you have always had. You receive a discount of up to 30% compared to buying individual tickets. You will see a broad cross-section of the opera and ballet repertoire over the years. Furthermore, we are pleased to send you the monthly magazine of the Vienna State Opera Opernring Zwei as well as the magazine Bühne free of charge. In addition, subscribers regularly receive offers for the Vienna State Opera.

  • I cannot attend my subscription performance, what happens to my tickets?

    You are welcome to pass on your tickets to family members. You also have the option of requesting a one-off change of date for one of the five performances, at least two working days before the performance. Depending on availability, we can move your subscription date to another date in the same production. This means that an opera can only be exchanged for the same opera and a ballet can only be exchanged for the same ballet.

  • Do I always have a ballet in my subscription?

    We try to combine four operas and a ballet when compiling subscriptions. In rare cases, subscriptions without a ballet may be possible for scheduling reasons.

  • I have several subscription seats, does the same person have to accompany me to every performance?

    We are happy if you share your enjoyment of opera and ballet with others. Accordingly, it is up to the subscriber who accompanies him/her to the Vienna State Opera.

  • Why do I order a subscription before the season presentation?

    Due to the fact that tickets can be purchased or pre-ordered very soon after the season presentation, the number of possible seats is significantly reduced. In order to be able to offer you the greatest possible choice, the purchase of the subscription is already planned beforehand.
    As it is not an elective subscription and a subscription offers a broad insight into the cross-section of the opera world over the years, the focus when choosing a subscription is on the seats that are best for you. We therefore advise against selecting subscriptions according to content or performances.
    Should the desire for a thematic composition be paramount, we recommend that you purchase a cycle.

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Cycles of the Vienna State Opera

  • What is a cycle?

    A cycle is a thematically coordinated selection of performances (e.g.: only ballet performances, works by individual composers, contemporary or classical productions or chamber music and song recitals). No changes to dates or performances are possible. You choose your favourite seats or your favourite seat, depending on availability, on which you will sit for all performances of the cycle.

  • What is the advantage of a cycle?

    Whether you want to get a taste of the opera world or specifically discover certain depths of the opera repertoire, a cycle gives you the opportunity to do so. You experience a compilation of thematically selected works from one season. In addition, you receive an already included discount compared to the purchase of individual tickets.

  • I have a cycle. Is it automatically renewed?

    No. The cycle only runs for the duration of one season.

  • How many seats can I purchase in a cycle?

    You can purchase a maximum of four seats in a cycle.

  • How many performances are there in a cycle?

    Depending on the cycle, up to ten performances are performed within a season.

  • I cannot attend a cycle performance, what happens to my cards?

    You are welcome to pass on the tickets to family and friends. It is not possible to change the date of a performance in the cycle!

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Commission Sales for Subscribers and Cycle Owners

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